Baby Toy Room App (Games)

The Baby Toy Room App is designed for children approx 9 months - 3 years.

It is available for IPhone, IPad, Android Phone and Android Tablets!

It currently consists of 9 "Toys", each of which uses various simple control schemes to allow the child to interact with it.  Some control schemes are more challenging than others and will require you to explore the toy with your child to get the best out of it.

Baby Toy Room was originally designed for my Daughter Lois (who is now 3), who started "learning" (with some help from mum and dad) how to "play with" the IPad from around 6 months, it opened my eyes on the potential of how simple to control interactive games can help a small child learn co-ordination and have a lot of fun in the process!

Baby Toy Room is now tested by James (Who is now 1), and his input has hopefully ensured the Latest 3 Toys are all fun and usable for Baby users!

We would like to add more toys to the Baby Toy Room in the future, with 3 more Toys already in development!

Take a look at the screen shots below to get an idea of whats in the Baby Toy Room!

Full Versions

For android this app has been tested physically on a Samsung S3, Galaxy Note 10.1 2013 but should run on most modern hardware.

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Android app on Google Play

 We hope you will find this to be one of your Best Baby IPhone, Baby IPad Games and Baby Android App.

Free Lite Versions (4 Free Toys from 9 Toys)

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Android app on Google Play

Performance Note: For Apple this App has been tested on IPad1 (has acceptable performance but newer machines are recommended if want highest quality), Ipad Air and IPhone 4, IPhone 5 we recommend at least these devices as a minimum specification.

Baby Toy Room Screenshots

Baby Toy Intro Screen